Friday, 2 April 2010

Weds 31 March - Fri 2nd April

We have completely finished our work on the storyboards now and are beginning to think about the animatic, backgrounds and character designs!

During our Thursday lesson we started to decide vital information about our characters. About a month ago, Emma attended a Pixar lecture that told her about the use of shapes in character design - comical characters are round, evil characters triangular, and sturdy characters are rectangular.. interesting snippets like that. Taking that into consideration we began designs.. Both the hobo and the grandma are quite comical characters so we made them kinda fat..
The designs I concentrated on were that of the main boy and 3 of his classmates..

Here are some quick sketches of the main boy... He's pretty regular-looking which is the point.. but I tried slightly different styles and showed my group, they seemed quite happy with the designs and I think Emma is going to try and develop them further..

Concept art of his friends... The guy on the left is the main friend and he's a bit 'cooler' than the main character and acts more arrogantly so I tried to get that across in his figure and face... The two girls are going to be randomly dancing at the disco!
We have also decided that if we need more characters we might try and cameo some of our original ones made just for fun.. Should be good, we won't make a big deal about that though :)

Anyway, we managed to present our storyboards to the Rave Live team yesterday and they seemed pretty happy with the work. I talked them through it and Jon accompanied by showing images (unfortunately emma had a doctors appointment) but it went very well and the only thing they warned us about was using too many flashing images in case there are epileptics in the audience...

Our aim for the weekend is to finish the animatic and be ready for animating next week..
I am going to work on the backgrounds and have them ready to show.. Jon is going to complete the animatic and Emma is going to further develop the characters... I believe they will continue to do a fantastic job and just hope I can keep up with their enthusiastic pace :)

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