Friday, 16 April 2010

10-16th April

I had one final background left to draw which is for the pedestal scene at the end;

Kept it simple in the same style of the others and tried to use colours that complimented each other.

For the moment we are on track with our schedule and things are running smoothly. We are working well together as a group meeting deadlines and when we have issues to resolve such as details in the background or changes for the character designs we are able to find a way round them to benefit everyone. I am very pleased with this group, plus our shared love of 2D is great since it seems like most of the class prefers 3D.

Jon also finished the animatic;

So now that that is completed we can begin animating properly... We have also gotten one of our classmates Tom Ritchie to do the proper voiceover and are trying to get a sound design student to help with the background music.

This week on the 13th we also have a DVD Studio Pro walkthrough with Alex for working on our showreels. It was a useful experience as I had never used the software before and I know now how to present my CD showreel better. You can change the backgrounds, add buttons to link to different animations, create menus and slideshows.. It was a little complicated but I've made notes and am confident I can work the software.

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