Thursday, 20 May 2010

DVD Showreel

I've put my showreel together using DVD Studio Pro, and have divided it into 5 sections; '2D Animations', '3D Animations', 'Editing and Storyboards', 'Digital Art' and 'Life Drawing'. The latter two are slideshows which showcase my best art and using the tutorials Alex Hulse gave us a few weeks back I've added sound and a fade-in/fade-out transition between the slides. I've also been able to add frames around the menu buttons so that when they are selected they change colour, thus helping the audience with navigation.

Credits for music;
'Time Lapse'
both found on the computer program 'iMovie'.

All that is left to do now is burn it and hand in :)

Looking back over this project I feel that we have performed very well as a group. Our shared interest in 2D animation was a key factor in the outcome and we all managed to meet the deadlines set as we were going along. If there was anything I would change about this project it would be to allow more time for the editing and sound effects as I think we had only a couple of days towards the end to focus on them. Nevertheless Jon did a great job with the edit and the sound technician eventually pulled through so that we now have two different versions of our project - one with sound effects and the other without which can both be found on the disc we submitted.

The showreel was a great opportunity to look back over my work and compile the best parts together, it will definately save me a lot of time and hassle in the future when applying for jobs but I should keep it updated. The only thing about it I would change would be the appearance of the case, I didn't have time to create anything that unique or interesting so that is something I can perhaps focus on over summer.. I put all the content on the DVD that I wanted though so I hope it will show a good range of my work.

I feel as though my skills in flash have definately progressed through the practice this project has given me and now I just need to continue working with it over this long summer coming up! I have a couple of projects I plan to work on to do with 2D animation to keep my skills up to date and of course I will continue sketching and creating illustrations when I am able.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Another portion of the term we are getting marked on is our showreel. I have already begun to assemble pieces of my showreel for my application to the Bournemouth 3rd year, the links to which are below. They will be a good starting point as they show what I believe to be my best pieces of work and show a variety of styles I can create.

Portfolio of my concept work and life drawing, both personal and for college;

Animation showreel;

In particular I want to focus on the animation side but I can still have a slideshow on my DVD for the concept art and life drawing work.
We have already had a tutorial from Alex about the software DVD studio pro and the different things you can customise about it, all I need to do is add these files onto the program and work out how to present it which I will do next.