Friday, 23 April 2010


We've done it! Wooooooo :D
Handed our work into the Rave Live team on Wednesday evening and as we have not heard back from them with any problems it seems to be fine.

Jon completed the edit of the animation, there were no real problems although at some points we all wanted a slight change to the edit, and in the end I think we managed to change it enough so that everyone is happy with it.

The only real problem was that the sound designer was not able to complete the music or sound effects in time for us so we had to improvise and use music Emma had found and bought on the internet. I don't think this poses a huge problem though - there is already so much to our animation too many sound effects might overwhelm people! The music goes very nicely with it as well.

From here we are going to go back over the animation and add things we didn't have time for before.. The animation may even turn out a bit longer since we had to cut some of our work to meet the time constraint. There is also the sound to think about which the sound designer has assured us we can expect next week.
Overall I am happy with how our work turned out, the quality of the animation is good and it is consistently in terms of style and humour. It's a piece of work I am definately proud of and am proud of my group for completing :)

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