Monday, 19 April 2010

animated scenes

Since we have such a short deadline for this project, we are going to have to rely quite heavily on tweening. Emma has created some flash templates of the characters faces and bodies from different angles so that all we need to do is tween them and then animate their expressions, arms and legs on top of it.

I've just completed the rest of my animated scenes, but there is still some room for editing;

We still need to add the main character being hit by the words 'spotty' 'greasy' and 'nerd' and we're going to redo the spinning part at the end so that there isn't just a blank block of blue attacking him and instead the entire block has the spinning pattern on it.

This is most likely the shortest scene in the animation so I didn't want to put too much detail into it otherwise it would distract from the main character who doesn't really move. Some of the background characters are cameos of myself, Jon and Emma :)

This is the final scene for our animation and there is already a slight problem with the length but we are going to sort that out properly during the editing stage. I may also try and add a few more effects to the scene like a flash of light appearing with the hobo. I also made the background slightly bigger as at it's previous size you couldn't see the characters clearly enough.

My group are overall pleased with the animations however so if we do run out of time this is how the finals will look..

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