Friday, 9 April 2010

Backgrounds complete..

Here are all the finished backgrounds bar one which I will try and complete asap (it's the one at the end with the hobo on the pedastal...)

I got feedback from my group to improve most of these;
-adding feet onto the disco people
-zoom out of grannys house
-darken the lighting for the street scene
-add a skirting board and more detail to the 'c-box' one
and i drew two new ones.. a classroom and a random brick wall for the beginning!

We have been powering through the work this week and Jon and Emma awesomely got the sound done with our classmate Tom Ritchie as the voice-over. I feel as though I need to work much much harder, I'm very worried that I'm holding my team-mates back so I'm doing loads of animating this weekend to make up for it.

We've decided to do 10 seconds of animating each and mine is the first ten seconds so it will mainly be focused on the boy and his facial expressions... Should be good hopefully, I intend to finish by Monday!

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