Monday, 19 April 2010

the funky chicken animation

One of the scenes I had to animate involved the boy dancing at a disco. Emma asked me to animate him doing the funky chicken but after searching on youtube I couldn't find the move she wanted (which she demonstrated one day in class). Then I recalled that The Mighty Boosh featured this dance move in one of the shows songs;

(At the time during 41-43 seconds)

Here is my version of it;

It doesn't look exactly right but since in the reference the character is spinning in a circle it was hard to accurately capture it. I've showed it to my group since and they are happy with it so it's fine to leave it like that. Emma and Jon even suggested that we use it at the end for comedic effect :)

I may have to edit it a little more to see how it looks like at a slower speed but for now that part is finished.

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