Friday, 23 April 2010

Formative - 20/04

Today was the formative with Jared. By this point we had already completed our animation but were still in the process of editing so we had a lot to show him.

Overall I think we did quite well as a group but my blog lagged evidence for some areas - I hadn't posted the animatic Jon made, or commented on our progress as a group but I've since gone back and done that so hopefully I can recover those marks for the summative. It was a good opportunity to see what was missing in my work and to realise I need to begin using my blog to post the status of my showreel! After the hand-in for the Rave Live animation I will start doing that here :)

My team members did well in their formative too, but Jon had marked himself very harshly and Jared had to raise his grades to compensate. I think me and Emma may try encouraging him more since he is always so down about his work when he doesn't need to be.

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