Tuesday, 30 March 2010

2nd Week - Tuesday 30th

Over the weekend I worked on developing a storyboard for the cardbox box idea;

This is still just quite rough but I got in as many of the ideas brainstormed as I could and I tried to make it comedic...
I pitched it to Jon and Emma today and they seemed happy with it, although they had some kick ass ideas of their own and helped me improve some of mine like the beginning, we developed the character more and thought about what kind of guy he would be and how he would react to this mysterious voice-over ordering him around.

All these new ideas we then drew into a final storyboard, wrote the script for and thought about the sound effects we might need. Emma will upload the storyboard in the next day or so (which I will then place a link to) Jon should upload the script and below I've written out all the sound effects;
-Speeding cars
-Skateboard grinding the pavement
-Unwrapping (for the box)
-Record stopping
-Glass Smashing
-static television (white noise)
-CDs falling over
-Celebratory Trumpet
-Gears turning (squeak of the pedastal)
-Bag being knocked over

There are a few sounds that are quite bizarre and are hard to describe... for example when people are talking in our advert, instead of speech we thought we would take a leaf out of Peanuts book and have the speech come out like this (trumpet-ish....);

It's funny and it won't detract from the main voice-over.

We also had a meeting with a sound design student today to discuss the creation of the background music and sound effects. I think it went quite well, the only thing is that he will need at least an animatic before he can start work which is another reason for us to get that together as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly we also had to do a presentation to the class on our project. Emma did the majority of the talking while Jon backed her up and I felt like quite the lemon. I'm really no good at presentations.. I could feel everyone's eyes on us and I pretty much just stood there avoiding eye contact. I feel like I let the group down, I'll have to work harder on the animation to make up for it :(
On the plus side, Jared was fine with our idea so all that's left to do is finish the storyboard and maybe think about an animatic for the end of the week :)

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