Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday 24th March 2010

Today we made some great progress ^^
Rave Live got back to us and agreed that we can do an animation, it needs to be ready to pitch on Friday and fully storyboarded by next week Friday.

I also created a schedule for our work which Jon has uploaded and which I will now post to my own blog;

After a short brainstorming sesh in the morning, we came up with a few ideas for what we want to animate...
-A serious scene with a humourous twist (for example a marriage proposal that gets ruined somehow...)
-A real life occurance (like swarms of pigeons flying and attacking people at train stations)
-An advert for a seemingly rubbish product (i.e. dirt, socks, air...)

Eventually we decided on the latter, it would be the most comical and we felt the most passionate and excited about it! There are a few similar parodies we found online for it;

'Ren & Stimpy - Log!'
Not quite sure why anyone would actually want a log but it was funny :D Something about showing people getting excited by the most random things is what makes it worthwhile...

'The Snuggie'

What scares me the most is that this is a real advert!! It seems like it should be fake.. there's no animation but the stupidity is what we want.


This one is the closest to what we want I think... It's a bad product being advertised in a good way which is what we want really :)

'Cyanide & Happiness - Book'

This could be very close to what we want... The animation style is probably close to what we can create and the humour is spot on.

Basically we want to do something like the above but with our own ideas...
Some of the ones we have come up with are; air, socks, dirt/dust, acid, a portable hole, darkness, an empty wrapper and hobos.
Tonight I am going to brainstorm ideas on a few of these and create a schedule! I will post more of our exploits tomorrow~

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